During a new YouTube video, Gabi DeMartino detailed her most recent plastic surgery procedures with fans. Throughout the 15-minute vlog, the 25-year-old revealed that she had an upper eyelid blepharoplasty, a lateral brow lift, a submental lipectomy and a submentoplasty — which are all otherwise known as at the “ponytail lift.”

“I am in no way condoning [that] plastic surgery is the only route for appearance dissatisfaction,” Gabi explained in the disclaimer posted before her vlog. “I have always been a transparent person with my audience and this is not something I will hide from them.”

Gabi DeMartino Opens Up About All Of Her Plastic Surgery Procedures

She continued, “Putting myself out here like this is really embarrassing, especially when I have a choice to keep it private. But I know it will help someone who is interested like I was.”

As fans know, Gabi previously took to Instagram Stories and only showed off the results from her eye lift. In the video she explained that, at first, she didn’t know how much of the procedure she was going to share with followers, but decided to document the whole process online.

After sitting in the waiting room with her boyfriend, Collin Vogt, Gabi explained that he was dismissed due to coronavirus guidelines. Then she said the entire surgery took three and a half hours. After showing some clips from her recovery, Gabi took fans back to the doctor’s office for the big reveal when she got her bandages removed.

“I’m just super happy already. Everything just looks so snatched and it’s one day after,” the influencer explained. “So everything is lifted.”

Before concluding the vlog, Gabi teased a “complete, recovered face reveal” in her next video.

As fans know this isn’t the first time Gabi has opened up to followers about her looks. Back in March, the internet star underwent a $2,000 makeover as a result of backlash she received online.

“Today, I am gathering every hate comment I have seen about my appearance and giving myself a makeover,” she told fans in a vlog at the time, before flashing a disclaimer on screen that let viewers know that all the “modifications” she made were things she had “wanted to change” about herself.

Throughout the 11-minute video, Gabi took viewers along as she addressed the negative feedback and got her eyebrows, lips and hair done.

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