Fans of Gabi DeMartino know that the YouTube star has been in a relationship with her boyfriend, Collin Vogt, since 2015. Well, on Sunday, May 17, the social media star was forced to call out an internet troll who claimed that she was actually in a 10-year relationship with Collin.

The drama started after Gabi took to Twitter and wrote, “Wow, what a joke.” Naturally, fans were quick to question the 25-year-old’s post and asked her what was wrong.

Gabi DeMartino Slams Internet Troll Claiming To Have A 10-Year Relationship With Her Boyfriend Coll

“[Please] let me know what’s wrong, I want to be filled in,” one Twitter user wrote. Another responded, “Someone is pretending Collin is their BF, and is posting photoshopped pics of them [with] him and trying to start drama.”

Then, shortly after, Gabi posted a screenshot of the alleged photoshopped pic, along with the person’s Instagram handle and asked her 1.2 million followers to report the account.

“Honestly if [people] could just report her that would be amazing. Thank [you],” she captioned the image.

Gabi DeMartino Slams Internet Troll Claiming To Have A 10-Year Relationship With Her Boyfriend Coll

Fans quickly replied to Gabi and said they would report the account, which seemingly still exists on Instagram, but is set to private. All the posts have since been removed, according to the zero post count listed on Instagram. Collin has not spoken out online about the situation and Gabi has not talked about it further.

As fans know, this came just a few months after the vlogger “proposed” to her longtime love in a recent vlog. Gabi told viewers that she thought it would be hilarious to pull a faux proposal prank on her boyfriend, and luckily for us, she documented the entire thing!

“I’m going to give a closet tour,” she explained in the video. “I’m going to pull out a white dress and then I’m going to propose to him if it escalates in the way that I want it to.”

The plan went exactly as she hoped and as her “closet tour” came to an end, the social media star got down on one knee and told Collin that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

He played along and yelled, “Yes,” before saying that he couldn’t take her seriously. The videographer then explained to Gabi that, he would “love” to marry her, but he wanted to be the one to ask.

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