Get ready, guys, because new music from Niki and Gabi DeMartino is coming soon! That’s right, the YouTube-famous twins recently dished on both of their upcoming albums exclusively to J-14, and from he sound of it, the tunes are about to be amazing.

“We have separate music managers and separate visions, but we want to do a lot together with our separate stuff. We’re finally telling our full stories and not meeting in the middle,” Niki teased. Gabi added, “I guess you can say our individual albums are different albums.”

As for the release date? Well, the records won’t be dropped at the exact same time, but, don’t worry, because the twins are still planning on doing some pretty epic promo together!

“They’re going to go out at their own pace, not exactly together. But the stuff that we’re going to do surrounding the albums and the releases will definitely be more together because our audience is together. They’re just so unique to us and these are stories we want to be able to tell on our own,” Gabi explained before giving her sister a major compliment. “I’m proud of Niki for putting her experiences into music and I’m proud of myself for explaining certain things that I’ve never brought to the internet through music. And I just love that we use music to tell these stories.”

Niki continued, telling fans what they can expect to hear, “I think Gabi and I are crazy storytellers and we have such strong, like we feel a lot, and I feel like it’s never — we love making music together, but whenever we’re doing it together, it’s very 50/50, like it’s never fully what Gabi wants to say or what I want to say. For the first time in our careers we’re finally, I feel like it’s helping our sister relationship because we’re not holding each other back in a weird way for the sake of pleasing our fans. Like we’re finally honoring our stories and our artistic directions while still doing the videos together.”

Over the last few months, the dynamic sister duo has been posting mini-hints all over social media about their brand new music. Previously, Gabi revealed she was “hushed” when it came to sharing details about the tunes and Niki took to Instagram Stories and shared that her “first songwriting session” was in the works.

Aside from music, the brand new season of the then girls’ reality show Niki & Gabi Take Bahamas just premiered on April 18, and they told fans that there’s about to be a whole lot of “explosive drama.”

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