YouTube star Niki DeMartino has no time for haters. The 24-year-old recently took to Twitter and responded to haters who had criticized her relationship with longtime boyfriend Nate West.

“I don’t open up [about] my relationship [because] nosey comments used to get to me. I see so many comments saying how incompatible we are and honestly, love is a feeling, yes, but it’s also a choice. We may film our lives, yea, but we don’t invite the camera behind closed doors,” she posted.

Niki DeMartino Slams Trolls Criticizing Relationship With Boyfriend Nate West

The YouTuber also gave her fans some pretty useful advice about relationships.

“The beginning of when you start falling in love with someone is indescribable and half the reason you fight through the hard stuff is because you remember that time and know you couldn’t fall for someone that way again… Relationships are bittersweet,” she said, before admitting that sometimes her and Nate struggle within their love for each other.

“Being super candid here — Are my BF and I opposites? In some ways. Did we know what we were getting involved [with] in the beginning, no. Do we struggle? Yes. Do we love each other and choose each other every single day? Yes. Adult things,” the social media star said.

Niki DeMartino Slams Trolls Criticizing Relationship With Boyfriend Nate West

As fans know, Niki and Nate have been together since 2017 and he currently acts as the cinematographer for all her YouTube videos. For those who missed it, this candid chat with fans about relationships came a few months after her twin sister, Gabi, proposed to her longtime love Collin Vogt as a joke!

In her most recent vlog, Gabi told viewers that in order to celebrate her beau’s birthday, she thought it would be hilarious to pull an epic prank on him.

“I’m going to give a closet tour,” the 24-year-old explained in the video. “I’m going to pull out a white dress and then I’m going to propose to him if it escalates in the way that I want it to.”

Luckily for Gabi, the plan went exactly as she hoped. As her “closet tour” came to an end, the social media star got down on one knee and told Collin that she wanted to spend the rest of her life with him. The videographer didn’t fall for it though, and he explained to Gabi that, he would “love” to marry her, but he wanted to be the one to ask.

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