During her most recent YouTube video, Gabi DeMartino alleged that her ex-boyfriend has a “creepy obsession” with her fans after she claimed that he dated a few of her followers in the past. In the ten-minute vlog, the 24-year-old recounted numerous stories where her subscribers had reached out to her and said that her ex — who she called Bryce in the video — had “screwed” them over.

First, Gabi remembered an interaction she had with a fan, named Sasha, at Ariana Grande‘s Sweetener World Tour. The influencer explained to viewers that when she met Sasha, the fan looked at her and said, “You were right about your ex-boyfriend, he screwed me over too.”

Gabi was quick to notice that the girl resembled the old version of her — before she dyed her hair blonde or got lip injections.

“The dots kind of connected. It’s creepy. He went for a young girl — she was the same age I was when I left him — and she looks the exact same [way] that I look when I dated him,” she explained before sharing pictures with viewers.

The internet star also told her subscribers that this wasn’t the first “fan” that her ex started a relationship with. She claimed that four years ago, Bryce came to her and asked for advice about a girl he was talking to at the time. As turned out, the girl was one of Gabi’s biggest fans and was always sending her DMs on Instagram. When Gabi brought this up with Bryce, he said he had no idea.

“We see that there’s this creepy obsession of him going to date my fans [who are] much younger,” she said. Then added, “Bryce cheated on my compulsively, that’s why I left him.”

She went on to explain that she formed a friendship with Sasha after meeting her because they had the same ex. Sasha claimed that Bryce also was talking to other girls while they were in a relationship and Gabi said it was the exact same thing that happened to her when she dated him years ago. Before ending the vlog, Gabi said that Sasha seemingly went back to Bryce before she uncovered all his “lies” and gave her permission to make the video.

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