Some fans have responded to Gabi DeMartino‘s most recent vlog where she seemingly shaded the girl playing Elsa from Frozen in Disney World. During the 27-minute video, the 24-year-old took fans along on a trip through Epcot, she filmed herself and her boyfriend Collin Vogt as they traveled through the various countries. One clip showed the couple after a meet and greet with Elsa, and Gabi claimed that the girl in the Frozen costume was being “b***hy” while they met.

“When I met Elsa, she automatically was like ‘oh you’re dressed for summer and I’m a winter queen’ and…I kind of felt weird about it,” she explained. “The rest of our interaction you can see in the footage she was making really b***hy facial expressions and eye rolling and the tone in her voice was…so not Elsa and kind of b***hy. I don’t know if it’s because she sees kids all day, and I feel bad because who knows how long she’s been doing this for, but I just expected so much more from Elsa.”

She continued,” I’m just confused because these are people meeting children and she kind of seemed over it. And she seemed kind of mad to be meeting an adult…I was just confused by the whole thing…I’m just trying to give a little review and not try to hate on her, but her tone was kind of b***hy.”

After the video was uploaded, fans responded to Gabi on Twitter and explained that her video could “get around on the internet” and can get the girl who played Elsa “fired.”

“Posting something like this could cause Elsa’s friend to be fired from the Walt Disney Company…Please consider removing this or changing the title before you jeopardize someone’s livelihood,” one person tweeted.

Fans Clap Back At Gabi DeMartino After She Seemingly Throws Shade At Disney World

Immediately the YouTuber realized her mistake and changed the vlog’s original thumbnail image, which had an image of Elsa with devil horns.

“I changed title and thumbnail and wrote and explanation and apology in the comments. It was an honest [little] review of my experience, but [I] respectfully understand, which is why I changed stuff,” Gabi replied. The fan added, “Thank you on behalf of other Disney Cast Members I really appreciate your maturity and how you handled the situation. It was really the thumbnail that upset me the most. You just have to understand that these character’s friends go through so much each day, it’s an exhausting job.”

The Twitter user continued, “Didn’t want to make you upset, just aware that your huge following could endanger her job.”

Ultimately, Gabi apologized and claimed that sometimes she gets “too into” Disney, because she loves it so much.

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