YouTube stars Niki and Gabi DeMartino have opened up about their relationship as sisters in a new video, and they revealed that, six months ago, they almost “quit” making videos together.

In the 46-minute vlog uploaded to their channel, the twins showed fans a candid conversation they had during a time when their “communication was so bad” with each other that they had to fly out fellow internet star Gabbie Hanna to mediate a discussion between the two of them. Before sharing the emotional clips, both Niki and Gabi explained that so much has changed since then, and now, through “a lot of clarity and self reflection” the girls have strengthened their relationship.

Gabi explained to viewers that they made the decision to share the video as a lesson to everyone that they can “work through relationships, no matter how hard they are and that you can grow and learn and come out as better people.”

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During the rest of the video — which the girls explained was filmed in January 2020 — Gabbie asked the twins to share their biggest problems with each other, and to exptess the issues they wanted to resolve. Gabi wanted Niki to “stop putting blame on me for everything.” Niki said a lot of her issues with her sister stemmed after she moved to Los Angeles. Because Gabi “refused to go to LA,” Niki was forced to become bi-costal, which she said “took a toll” on her and caused resentment between them.

Eventually, the girls came together and explained their issues with each other face to face. After talking through their fights, the girls came to a conclusion to work hard on “being good sisters to each other.” They also thanked fans for their support throughout the years and explained that they can confidently say they’ve “gotten over the hump and will continue to prioritize our  relationship first over everything.”

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