YouTuber Gabi DeMartino is showing off the results from her recent surgery. That’s right, the internet star took to Instagram Stories and gave fans a first look at her eye lift after sharing details of the procedure in a recent vlog.

“As you can see, without makeup on my eyes look very freaking tired and heavy. And I always put so much eyeliner on my eyelids because I’m really really insecure about how I look without eyeliner on, so I’m getting what they call an eye lift,” the 25-year-old explained in a video uploaded on Tuesday, June 16. “They’re basically going to be taking out some skin on my eyelids so that I look more awake.”

She continued, “I hope you guys don’t hate on me, but I want to be open and transparent about these things.”

Then, a few days later, after the procedure went down, Gabi went back on social media and gave fans an update on how the eye lift went. The influencer revealed that she was “already in love” with the results!

Gabi DeMartino Shows Off The Results Of Her Recent Eye Lift Surgery

As fans know this isn’t the first time Gabi has opened up to followers about her looks. Back in March, the internet star underwent a $2,000 makeover as a result of backlash she received online.

“Today, I am gathering every hate comment I have seen about my appearance and giving myself a makeover,” she told fans in a vlog at the time, before flashing a disclaimer on screen that let viewers know that all the “modifications” she made were things she had “wanted to change” about herself.

Throughout the 11-minute video, Gabi took viewers along as she addressed the negative feedback and got her eyebrows, lips and hair done. Before each appointment, she flashed a nasty comment on the screen and then explained what the “modification” would be. She also shared the price of each procedure with fans.

“This was so fun for me because these were things I wanted to fix. This video wasn’t meant to please the haters,” she explained at the time. “This video was a fun little poke at them because the comments they left clearly bothered me for a reason… Sometimes you really believe what someone [says]…It’s really triggering when someone points out something that you also see.”

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