YouTube star Gabi DeMartino is speaking out! In her most recent vlog, the influencer begged fans to stop getting “disappointed” when she makes an exciting announcement and it has nothing to do with her being engaged or pregnant.

As fans know, this came after Gabi announced her upcoming fragrance line, which is set to launch alongside her brand new album Beautiful Mess. According to the video, she told fans that all the comments on her perfume announcement were people being upset because the “good news” wasn’t about an engagement to her longtime boyfriend, Collin Vogt, or that they were expecting a baby.

“It’s just annoying how a lot of girls my age, or people see my age, ‘Oh she’s 25, where the ring? Where’s the baby?’ No. Where I am at in life is a very happy place,” she said. “I am thriving with work and I love my job. My hobby has thankfully become my job and it’s making life so awesome for me in my 20s. With that being said, I am so in love. We have been together for a very long time as you know. But we are also moving at our pace and not our subscribers’ pay, not our followers’ pace.”

She continued, “When I say I have good news, it really is disheartening and disappointing and super un-motivating when I see people are actually, genuinely disappointed it’s a fragrance launch and not a pregnancy or an engagement.”

Previously, Gabi and Collin have publicly opened up about their plans to get engaged. Back in February, the couple told fans that they see themselves getting married “very shortly.”

“These marriage and baby comments have to stop,” the internet star explained during the 20-minute video. “I’ve barely been posting Collin on this channel and on Instagram because of those comments…I don’t want to stop doing something we both love. We love to vlog together, so we are going to continue vlogging together. I’m just really, really sick and tired of the comments.”

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