They’re speaking out! During their most recent video, Niki and Gabi DeMartino had an important conversation with fans about online hate, and got emotional while talking about the constant criticism that they have faced from subscribers.

Throughout the nine-minute video, the YouTube-famous twins told viewers that they removed their previous video from the platform due to the “hate train” against Gabi in the comment section.

“I don’t care if you guys don’t like me or you want to say something bad,” Gabi explained, trying to keep her emotions at bay. “But when every comment is telling me how ugly I’ve gotten, or how ugly I am and there’s multiple likes on those comment then I’m going to go to bed thinking, ‘Well, maybe I am ugly.'”

Niki continued, “In our entire YouTube career — it’s so sad that I even have to say this — there are years that stick out in my mind that favored Gabi and there are years that stick out in my mind that favored me.”

The girls opened up about how the fandom as a whole always favors one twin over the other. Currently, Gabi said she noticed all the hate toward her came after she underwent four cosmetic procedures for the “ponytail lift.” They went to talk about how they recently repaired their previously strained relationship and it’s bothersome that fans want to pit them against each other even when they’re in a really good place as sisters.

“I just wish we could bring each other up in the comments a little more. If you gravitate toward one twin more than the other, that’s cool,” Niki said. Gabi added, “You don’t have to put the other twin down.”

Niki concluded with, “We’re not yelling at you guys, we’re so thankful you guys watch our videos…but we feel like we do have to sit down and have a talk because we almost feel like some of you think you have to compliment the other twin while comparing to the other twin. We just want to ask you guys nicely, if you can hear where we’re coming from and if we can try to limit that.”

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