Jaz Sinclair is a rising star! The actress has been booking huge roles since starring in Chilling Aventures of Sabrina, including Prime Video’s newest series, Gen V. The young star isn’t only well-known for her exceptional acting, but also a longterm public relationship with her former costar, Ross Lynch. However, he isn’t the only actor that Jaz has been romantically linked to in the past! Keep reading to see her complete dating history.

Who Is Jaz Sinclair Dating?

Rumors that Ross and Jaz had split started swirling in June 2023, after a fan video surfaced online of the former Disney Channel star discussing heartbreak during one of his The Driver Era live shows.

“I didn’t know it could get worse though,” Ross shared. “The thing about heartbreak … the only thing that really helps is music.”

Ross and Jaz originally met in March 2018 in Chilling Aventures of Sabrina, playing Harvey Kinkle and Rosalind Walker, respectively. As the months into filming went by, their characters actually ended up together on the show (which was not planned). However, it’s still unclear what went down between them.

Prior to their rumored breakup, the two often expressed their love for one another publicly: the former Disney Channel actor even wrote an entire album about Jaz called Girlfriend.

“I never knew that love was a thing that chooses you until you wandered into my life,” Jaz wrote when celebrating Ross’ birthday in an Instagram post in December 2020. “You’re my best friend and favorite person. My smile is it’s brightest when you’re close, my laugh the loudest and my heart the fullest. I feel so loved, heard and seen by you and it’s a pleasure getting to have so much damn fun together everyday. You are such a bright spark in this world and I love getting to learn from you and shine with you. Words are never enough, so I’ll just have to smother you in kisses when you get back from hockey.”

Who Has Jaz Sinclair Dated Before Ross Lynch?

Prior to Ross, Jaz was briefly romantically linked to Justice Smith in 2017, after starring alongside each other in the 2015 film Paper Towns. However, the two never confirmed dating rumors at the time and there doesn’t actually appear to be any evidence of their relationship, so it’s unclear what went down between the two.

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