Gigi Gorgeous' rep reached out to J-14 and confirmed the YouTube personality did not welcome a baby via surrogate with her girlfriend Nats Getty. The statement read, "On behalf of YouTube personality Gigi Gorgeous, I would like to clarify any rumors from the past few days regarding Gigi's Instagram post. Gigi and her girlfriend, Nats did not have a child together. Gigi's use of the word surrogate was not meant the way it was received. Her use of the term while holding her friend's new baby was meant playfully, as she was stepping into the parenting role and caring for the child during her visit. She was so excited to help care for the baby and is thrilled to be a part of the child's life. Gigi believes that family is what you make it and will help provide a support system for the child for many years to come."

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YouTube star Gigi Gorgeous is known for pulling pranks on her viewers, and now fans are calling her out after she supposedly welcomed a baby boy via surrogate into her life. Gigi and her girlfriend, Nats Getty got back together at the end of 2016 after breaking up once before. Now, almost a year later, they are posting photos of their new life together, which includes a new little human! Fans can see them looking lovingly at their bundle of joy and it all seems very real. Not only did both of them share adorable snaps on Instagram, Nats also revealed two onesies with the name 'Enzo' written on them. Gigi, of course, looks head over heels. Who wouldn't? The babe is absolutely beautiful. But some social media users don't believe this for one second.

They think it's the ultimate prank and Gigi has even coerced Nats to get in on the whole thing. If this is true, the couple has kept the pregnancy completely under wraps for nine months. We're not totally sure why Gigi would lie about something like this, though. There is one loophole in her story, but that can easily be explained with some logical thinking. Let's look at the facts, first.

Gigi posted the first photo on Instagram with the caption, "Thank you so much to our beautiful surrogate??❤️."

And Nats wrote on her social media account, "?Our little angel ? @gigigorgeous." What a family photo!

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💙Our little angel 💙 @gigigorgeous

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While this is all super cute, we've come to the point where we need to share the problem with it all – well the problem that the fans are having with it all. They spotted a photo that was posted by Hilary Montez, a makeup artist who has worked with Gigi in the past. It appears that she is holding the same baby on her Instagram page as Gigi and Nats. Okay, that's not THAT weird. But, Hilary calls the baby her nephew, which is why the Internet is understandably confused. There could be a simple explanation for this. Even though Hilary may not be actually related to Gigi or Nats, they could be very close – like family. So just because she calls him her nephew doesn't mean Gigi is lying. Oddly, Hilary didn't tag Gigi or Nats in the photo which would make sense if they really were this child's parents. Hilary captioned the shot, "my baby nephew ??? tia loves you so MUCH!!!"

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my baby nephew 👶🏽🖤 tia loves you so MUCH!!!

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Fans have taken to the comments section on both Gigi and Nats Instagram to offer their congratulations as well as speculate about whether or not this is real or fake news. A commenter wrote, "it is a joke but they taking it way ro far like y u that sensitive…"

Another said, "You guys are going to be amazing parents and role models ❤ congratulations." And another commenter expressed, "You better not be faking. 🙁 if it’s real congratulations. But for some reason it doesn’t seem real." Hmm…it's been a couple of days since Gigi shared her baby news so you'd think that if this was actually a prank she would have come forward with the truth by now. Since the initial Instagram posts, both Gigi and Nat have stayed quiet about their alleged bundle of joy. Only time will tell if this really was a joke or they are going to be parents after all.

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