Some of the cast members from Good Luck Charlie have clapped back after a Disneyland worker claimed that they were rude when they visited the park.

In a series of viral TikTok videos, the former employee recounted how various celebrities acted at the amusement park. But when she called Bradley Steven Perry and Leigh-Allyn Baker “a**holes,” they were not amused.

“[I did not meet] the entire cast of Good Luck Charlie, but this lady [Leigh-Allyn] and this kid [Bradley] — this kid was a little a**hole. I did not like him at all,” she explained.

The videos, which now have more than 5 million views combined, must have caught Bradley’s eye because he took to Instagram to respond. He posted a video of himself watching the clip and laughing.

“She must have meant Jason [Dolley],” he captioned it.

Leigh-Allyn then took to the comment section to share her thoughts, writing, “OK, so she didn’t like the two of us. Um, she’s no fun! Clearly!”

good luck charlie cast disneyland

“Give me her Insta, I wanna talk!” the actress wrote in another comment. “What can I say? The girl knows an a**hole when she sees one! She is cracking me up. We should invite her to a cast zoom.”

In the video, the former employee also revealed that she got to meet Ross Lynch during her time at the theme park.

“He was fresh off of Teen Beach Movie when he came into the park and, uh, he was lovin’ all the attention,” she shared. “He was all over it! And he was very annoying. I’m sorry.”

Jason Earles also attended Disneyland while she was working there, and the TikTok user claimed that he was very nice!

“He was actually a really nice guy,” she dished.

As for Demi Lovato, the Disney worker explained, “Demi Lovato is also very kind. She was also a great singer live. Loved her.”

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