Feel better, Grayson Dolan! Fans were worried about the YouTube star after he took to Instagram and posted a photo of his arm in a sling.

“But I had so much to build,” the 20-year-old captioned a snap of himself and his injured shoulder on Wednesday, April 8.

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But I had so much to build :/

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Hours before sharing the picture of himself in the sling to his 9.4 million followers, Grayson took to Snapchat and told fans that he couldn’t move his arm.

Is Grayson Dolan OK? Fans Are Worried After He Suffers Major Shoulder Injury

In a separate post, he gave people an up close look at the bandages that he had been wearing.

“I f**ked my shoulder up,” Grayson captioned the snap of him laying in bed.

Is Grayson Dolan OK? Fans Are Worried After He Suffers Major Shoulder Injury

As fans know, this snap came a few days after his brother, Ethan, shared on social media that Grayson had fallen off their homemade skateboard ramp.

“We built this ramp and Grayson yelled at me the whole time then he fell the first time he went off and that’s just karma,” Ethan wrote alongside a video of the twins using the ramp.

It’s unclear if the fall was the source of the influencer’s injury, but either way, it looked like he seriously hurt himself.

For those who missed it, this isn’t the only painful experience the social media stars have suffered while being in the public eye. Back in 2017, both internet stars had a short hospital stay that resulted in Grayson having to wear cast on his hand and, unfortunately, hand surgery for Ethan.

“I went over to calm Ethan down because I don’t like seeing my twin brother who I love like that. As I went to do that, I grabbed onto him, he started running and then we both fell to the ground, when I got up I looked at my hand and my finger was bent side ways and cracked,” Grayson said at the time. Ethan added, “I did something really stupid, I punched a glass window. I’m not thinking at this point, I just wanted to break something. I look down at my hand, after I did that, and I had the worst wound I’ve ever had in my life on my hand.”

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