Before the summer even started, a buzz ran through the rumor mill that Hailey Baldwin and Cameron Dallas might secretly be dating. They were seen leaving a restaurant together in Los Angeles – hello, date night – and on set together. Not to mention the few times they were caught on social media hanging out. Ever since then, no one was quite sure the status of Cameron and Hailey’s friendship or relationship, or whatever it is you want to call it. But, now it’s probably, most definitely time to put the rumors to rest.

Hailey was spotted out during Labor Day weekend in Brooklyn, New York holding hands with a mystery man. But, after some careful investigative work, it turns out, this guy wasn’t really a mystery man after all. We’ve all seen and heard of him before. His name is DJ Daniel Chetrit. He was actually rumored to be dating Bella Hadid just about a month ago. The pair were seen walking around New York City and getting pretty cozy. Photos surfaced of Bella actually draping her arm around Daniel.

Now, the same kind of photos are making their way around the Internet of Hailey and DJ Daniel. *The Daily Mail swiped the pics and we can’t stop staring. They look super comfortable together and totally unamused by the paparazzi following them around.

So, are they dating? We’re not exactly sure. BUT, we have a feeling that if she was romantically involved with Cameron, he probably wouldn’t enjoy her running around holding hands with another guy especially in a place that she could be photographed. Also, Cameron has been rumored to be dating model Alexis Ren in the past week or so. He was caught on Snapchat with her Instagram pic as his phone background and basically admitting he has a crush on her.

Of course though, that means nothing. But, again, if he was dating Hailey he probably wouldn’t be so careless when it comes to chatting up other girls. Our main takeaway here? Let’s leave the idea of a Cameron and Hailey relationship in the past. Let’s focus on what in the world Hailey is doing with DJ Daniel cause they would be one ~hot~ AF couple.

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