Blind items are taking over the internet — and celebrities are not happy about it. The recent surge of anonymous rumors, especially on TikTok, have left many stars no choice but to speak out.

Keep reading to find out which of your favorite celebs have shut down the gossip rumors. 

ICYMI, blind items are anonymous tips from unconfirmed sources that share insights into the lives of Hollywood stars.

A blind item is essentially Hollywood gossip told through code. The tips often disclose private information behind Hollywood’s biggest stars, causing online speculation as to who is who. They cover everything from drinking habits, who’s dating who and up-to-no-good endeavors.

An important rule for blind items is that it mustn’t include the name of the celebrity, however, it can include some hints so that readers can get an idea of who they’re talking about.

One of the biggest sources behind these blind items is Instagram user DeuxMoi — who is basically the real-life Gossip Girl.

The anonymous Instagram account posts riddles that comes from various sources. Some claim to have worked directly with these celebrities while others allege they’re close friends to the stars in question.

DeuxMoi made waves during the 2020 pandemic amongst TikTok users and has amassed over 2 million Instagram followers. The gossip page has gained so much popularity in recent years, and published her own book in 2022 titled Anon Pls.

Another account on Instagram is titled Reveal Moi, which is devoted to reader guesses about DeuxMoi’s blind items. The podcasts “Deux U” and “Deux Me After Dark” give extensive analysis to the gossip writings. There’s also a subscriber paid newsletter that offers a deeper scoop on all the claims.

Despite the rise in popularity, blind items aren’t anything new. In 1879, William d’Alton Mann created Town Topics, which was a magazine that would report on New York’s wealthiest figures at the time.

William had reportedly, “hired a network of servants and spies to pass him gossip about high-society figures,” per The Ringer in December 2018.

Now that we got the history lesson out of the way, scroll to see which celebrities have disavowed their blind items. 

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