Hailey Baldwin Bieber‘s skin needs to be studied for science. No, seriously, the model’s face is always glowing, with or without makeup, and we need to know her skincare regime expeditiously. Keep reading to see photos of Hailey’s (perfect) skin and the many makeup-free selfies she’s posted.

The New York native is so known for her flawless skin, that she’s even created her own skincare brand called Rhode.

“I was ordering crazy amounts of skin care, trying everything that was expensive to inexpensive to mid-range. And I found that the most tried-and-true stuff were the solidly formulated products that were affordable, where I could tell people kept on going back to, and that’s what I kept going back to as well.” The initial launch focuses on maintaining the skin’s moisture barrier. “I’ve given it to a lot of different makeup artists to try on their clients and I’ve gotten really good feedback on it.”

Hailey began working on Rhode nearly three years ago, even taking dermatology courses online. “I think that [taking the courses] was just something I wanted to do for myself, honestly,” she said. “It wasn’t for me to be able to just sound smart or know what I’m talking about. I was just genuinely interested.”

She explained to People that her mom is her biggest beauty inspiration, and the person who made her passionate about skincare.

“My love of being dewy and hydrated comes from my mom,” she told the outlet about her mother, Kennya Deodato Baldwin. “She was always very big on moisturizing and sunscreen — the way she has protected her skin from the sun for the last 20 years has been very diligent. I saw her dedication to that and was like, ‘Okay. I know what she looks like now. So there is something to that.'”

Hailey revealed that her beauty journey over the years has mostly evolved into “doing less” and learning “that less is more.”

“I’ve noticed that for me, personally, looking back at red carpet photos, I think I look more beautiful with less makeup and less coverage,” she continued. “Just letting my skin breathe and embracing my natural side. There is always a balance, of course, and I’m sure my philosophy will continue to evolve. It might be completely different in another five years — and even more different the five after that. But right now, for me, less is definitely more.”

Scroll through the gallery below to see photos and selfies of Hailey every time she ditched her glam.

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