Halsey and Charli XCX are gearing up to head out on tour together later this year, and the two recently opened up in a joint interview to discuss the power of women championing other women – just the stuff we love to hear. Well turns out, female competitiveness is just not in Charli's blood – and Halsey chimed in with a story that proves she agrees. It all started when the "Now or Never" songstress spilled that she has punched one person in her life. And that one person (who sounds to us like a total a bully, btw) was a male.

"The only person I’ve ever punched in the face was a dude," she said in the interview. "In high school, I fainted in biology once, and this kid came up to me in the hallway. He was captain of [an athletic] team, and he was like, 'Ugh, I’m Ashley Frangipane, and I fainted in biology. I’m such a slut.' And I was like, 'Say it again, and I’ll punch you in the face.' And he was like, 'You heard me.'"

"And you did it!" Charli chimed in.


Woah, she wasn't kidding! Halsey wasn't necessarily proud of her actions though, as she felt really bad about her impulsive action after the fact.

Halsey continued, "I rocked him. I almost broke his nose. We were in the principal’s office, and I felt so bad afterward. Could not be a hard b-tch for more than 10 seconds. I’m really a pacifist."

While sticking up for yourself is a must, violence is never, ever the answer. We're just glad this was a one-time situation for our girl Halsey. We just hope that lesson was learned, bro. Don't call Halsey names.

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