The internet practically lost it after Harry Styles was snapped leaving a subway station in New York City back in December of 2013. Well, it turns out, the photographer that took the pics has just opened up about what really went down — and it was all staged!

We mean, most celebrities opt for private jets, luxurious SUVs or private chauffeurs, so it was definitely a little shocking (and totally charming) that the One Direction member opted for a subway train like the rest of us. But in reality, the 24-year-old didn’t take the subway after all.

“All 5 members of the band spent the day filming an episode of Sesame Street in Queens, and afterwards we chose to try and get some shots of Harry,” the photographer, named Miles Diggs, recalled in an Instagram post on Sunday, January 20, 2019. “He pulled over on the side of the road and asked us what type of shot we would like, just so that he could get some alone time ‘with his boys at the pub.’ I said lets do something very ‘New York,’ like a taxi cab or something. But at 1 a.m. there were no cabs around. So we took the next best option — the 14th Street Subway. He walked down the steps, and right back up and really sold it. That’s when we knew his acting career would really take off.”

Wow, we’re not gonna lie, we low-key feel like our whole lives have been a lie. The photographer also explained that he had built a pretty good rapport with the “Sign Of The Times” singer. “During this time, no paparazzi really followed 1D, so after months and years, we built quite a strong relationship with the boys, Harry in particular,” he continued. “We would get some shots, and then let them explore the city as relatively unbothered as possible considering the level of fame they were on.”

Well, even though we’re a little sad that Harry didn’t take the subway like us normal folk, we think it’s super nice that he helped the paparazzi out! He’s clearly been treating people with kindness since the beginning!

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