Harry Styles newest song “Boyfriends” has caused quite the stir! The song is from the English singer’s third studio album, Harry’s House, and reflects the difficulties of modern dating and criticizes boyfriends and the role men play in doomed relationships.

The Don’t Worry Darling actor originally debuted “Boyfriends” at Coachella on April 15, introducing it by saying, “To boyfriends everywhere, f–k you,” and was met with an uproar of applause. LOL! Scroll down to learn the song’s meaning and read the lyrics!

What Is the Meaning of Harry Styles’ New Song “Boyfriends”?

“Boyfriends” is a melodic tune that laments the difficulties of dating someone who is a “fool” and “knows just how to get under your skin.” Harry reprimands men for their part in doomed relationships, while claiming that boyfriends “take you for granted” and “misunderstand” their partners.

The song is a thoughtful analysis on the passive role men play in love and relationships, detailing sh–ty boyfriends and the foolish behavior of their lovers who continue to let them back into their lives.

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Harry Styles’ “Boyfriends” Song Lyrics: A Breakdown

The song begins with a reversed intro, “Hoo / Niaga ti ta kcab er’uoy, loof,” which translates to “Ooh Fool, you’re back at it again.” Harry is directly speaking to the “fool” of the relationship, which is the partner that is dealing with said “boyfriend.”

“Boyfriends, they think you’re so easy,” sings the first verse. “They take you for granted / They don’t know, they’re just misunderstanding.”

“Weekend, when you get deep in, he starts secretly drinking / It gets hard to know what he’s thinking,” laments Harry. It’s an obviously troubled relationship, where “he” does not tell his partner what he’s really thinking, no matter how hard their partner tries.”

And while Harry’s criticism of boyfriends is rooted in the song, he does question the partner’s inability to leave such a tumultuous relationship. “You’re no closer to him / Now you’re halfway home, only calling you when don’t wanna be alone / No, and you go. Why? You don’t know,” he sings.

Harry’s Quotes About the Song: Everything He’s Said

Harry discussed the meaning behind “Boyfriends” with Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1. “It’s both acknowledging my own behavior. It’s looking at behavior that I’ve witnessed,” he revealed. “I grew up with a sister, so it’s watching her date people and watching friends date people, and people don’t treat each other very nicely sometimes.”

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