Prepare yourselves, people, because there’s a candle on the market that reportedly smells exactly like Harry Styles, and we’re seriously freaking out! But, here’s the catch, it’s totally sold out.

The frenzy started after fans of the “Watermelon Sugar” singer took to TikTok and shared that Target’s Threshold brand sells a Vanilla Cashmere candle that’s a total dupe for Tom Ford’s Tobacco Vanille cologne. True Harry fans will know that, since a picture surfaced online of him using this particular scent in 2017, it’s been rumored to be the former One Direction star’s favorite. So naturally, the entire fandom purchased the candle so, they too, could enjoy the alleged scent of Harry himself.

Some even went as far as to leave review’s on the product’s website urging consumers to buy the candle because it smells like the singer.

“I only bought this because it smells like Harry Styles,” one review read. Another said, “I know that you’re here because it is said that this candle smells like Harry Styles. It does smell like him, so go right ahead and purchase.”

No, the candle’s description doesn’t name the “Fine Line” crooner as its inspiration for the scent, but it does say that it will “make your space feel warm and welcoming.”

“The elegant glass candle makes a beautiful accessory for any home,” the website reads. “The clean-burning candle gives off a fresh scent that enlivens the surrounding air, bringing a warm ambience to your space. Use this paraffin wax candle in any space for lasting hours of beautiful light and fresh fragrance day after day.”

Honestly, no matter if it smells like Harry or not, we’re totally down for a good candle. Although, it might be a while before anyone else can get their hands on one since it’s totally sold out. But, according to TMZ, the brand is “working to produce” more of the coveted product.

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