Wait, did Harry Styles just shave all of his hair off?! Some fans are convinced that the One Direction member is bald after a look-alike with no hair posted a video, and people started spreading it online and claiming it was the singer.

Yep, a video of a bald guy who resembles the “Sign of the Times” crooner is making its way around the internet at the moment, with a lot of people believing that it’s actually Harry! The video shows the look-alike rapping along to an instrumental version of Cyndi Lauper’s “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” but it was his hair that caught everyone’s attention.

Harry Styles Bald

The fact that Wednesday was April Fool’s Day also didn’t help the situation. People quickly started adding to the speculation by tweeting various fake quotes and photos — in an attempt to trick their followers!

“’I’ve never felt so free after doing it. It was like my hair defined me and now it no longer hold me back. Being bald is the best thing that has ever happened to me.’ — Harry when asked why he shaved his head,” one account posted.

“Y’all my friend who lives in LA just saw Harry and he took this picture of him he’s actually bald,” another fan wrote, before sharing a photo which was clearly edited to make the 26-year-old look like he had no hair.

LOL. Not cool guys! Some people were fooled, while others were not here for it.

“SO APPARENTLY HARRY SHAVED HIS HAIR?! WDYM HE’S BALD?!” one fan tweeted, with another adding, “IS HARRY STYLES BALD? @Harry_Styles are you bald!? SOMEONE TELL ME RIGHT NOW.”

“To everyone on my [timeline] freaking out — HARRY AIN’T BALD, someone did it as a stupid April fools joke. Remember to keep CALM and stream Fine Line and pray for long hair harry to rise.”

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