Beside being ridiculously attractive, Descendants 2‘s villainous pirate Harry Hook, played by Thomas Doherty, and One Direction star Harry Styles have so much in common. Is this some sort of secret ploy to win all of our hearts at once or a major coincidence? Let’s count all the ways.

Point #1: Harry Hook and Harry Styles both love a sheer shirt.

Harry Styles has been making sheer shirts his thing for years. Even before he made patterned suits his signature look, he was showing a little bit of skin in sheer tops. His Descendants 2 counterpart also sported a torn up, mesh shirt while he stomped across the Isle of the Lost looking to start drama. And they both pull it off!

harry hook harry styles shirts

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How eerie is it that these shirts have such similar patterns? If Harry Styles starting holding a hook as an accessory, we wouldn’t even bat an eyelash, TBH.

Point #2: Harry Styles and Harry Hook like to experiment with beauty products.

Although Harry Styles has been wearing nail polish on and off again for years, he recently painted them all black for his performance at the ARIA Awards. Harry Hook, on the other hand, prefers to decorate his face. Like many pirates to come before him, Harry Hook adds a little bit of eyeliner around his eyes. Not only does he look super cool, but it calls back to fellow Disney pirate, Jack Sparrow.

harry hook harry styles makeup

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Point #3: Both Harry Hook and Harry Styles have unique dance moves.

Kenny Ortega may have choreographed Descendants 2, but there’s no way this move was predetermined! Both Harrys totally lose control of their bodies when they dance and let their legs do the talking. They don’t care that they look like octopi racing through the ocean. In fact, they probably love that comparison.

harry hook harry styles

Point #4: Neither Harry Hook or Harry Styles are afraid of kissing another guy.

The whole world was shook when James Corden and Harry Styles shared a holiday smooch in Carpool Karaoke. But if you know Harry, that comes as no surprise! He’s super open about his sexuality and isn’t too uptight about anything. .

Turns out Harry Hook is exactly the same way! In a deleted scene, Harry plants a kiss on Gil (the son of Gaston) while in Ursula’s Fish and Chips shop! This actually happens in the book Descendants 2 is based off of Rise of the Isle of the Lost by Melissa de la Cruz. As the pirates cheer and celebrate, the line simply reads “Harry locked lips with Gil.” The rest is history! Unfortunately for any #Garry shippers, Disney cut the scene out of the movie. Maybe we’ll catch it on some sort of director’s cut. Come through, Kenny Ortega!

harry kisses

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Harry Styles and Harry Hook represent a kind of carefree attitude that everyone should adopt! They’re both unapologetically themselves. Their weird, charismatic selves! So, is it a coincidence that the Descendants 2 character is just like the “Kiwi” singer? Nope!

Point #5: Thomas Doherty and Kenny Ortega actually used Harry Styles as inspiration for Harry Hook.

It’s no secret that the Scottish actor is a fan of One Direction. He even confessed that they’re his “guilty pleasure” in a rapid fire interview. So, it kind of makes sense that he’d want to emulate the 1D singer. In an interview with ODE, Thomas Doherty was asked if he took inspiration Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean. Turns out, it was everyone but Jack!

“[Kenny Ortega] kind of said ‘A bit of Mick Jagger. A bit of Harry Styles,'” Thomas replied. “I decided to throw a bit of the Joker, Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight in.”

So, everyone’s favorite pirate just so happens to be the Descendants version of Harry Styles. Who says dreams can’t come true? Now, all we need is a video of Harry Hook performing “Kiwi” and all will be right in the world.

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