It was just under 48 hours ago that Ariana Grande held a concert in Manchester, England for her Dangerous Woman tour. After a night filled with excitement, laughter, and music, a bomb went off exploding in the exit area of the concert venue. The blast took the lives of 22 people and injured dozens more.

Now, as the world tries to understand why anyone would target young adults who innocently just wanted to see their idol in concert, celebrities have started to reach out. They have not only started to reach out in the form of expressing their condolences on social media but they have also been honoring Ariana and the victims in the best way they know how – with musical tributes.

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Harry Styles is currently doing promo in a few major cities for his solo debut album titled Harry Styles. He did a few shows in Los Angles and New York City. For the last several days he has been in Mexico. Hazza walked on stage and took a minute of silence for the victims.

Not only that but he shared a story of his own about his experiences in Manchester. The "Sign of the Times" singer said, "When I booked this show, I wanted to celebrate with you guys. I’ve played some of my favorite shows in Mexico, and it felt right to come and celebrate with you. But tonight doesn’t feel like a night to celebrate. Last night, there was a tragedy in my hometown of Manchester, and I have been left with a hole in my heart. I went to my first show in the arena and I’ve had some of the best experiences of my life playing in Manchester."

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He continued, "We have a choice every single day that we wake up of what you can put into the world and I ask you to please choose love every single day. I promise that we will be back very soon to Mexico. We will be back with a full show. But tonight, if it’s okay with you, we’re gonna play a small acoustic set."

Aww! This makes our heart warm. Not only did Harry share a sweet sentiment about his life and what Manchester means to him but honored the victims which is the most important part. We have a feeling there will be a lot more memorials for the people who lost their lives under this act of violence and hate.

Miley Cyrus performed during The Voice Finale and dedicated her performance to the Manchester victims as well. People and celebrities coming together in the name love and music is really everything this world needs right now.

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