If you were lucky enough to score tickets to Harry Styles' first-ever solo headlining tour, then you're most likely already mentally preparing for all the wonderfulness you're going to see as he takes the stage before your eyes. The tour has already been underway and, just recently at Hazza's show in Nashville, he proved that he will always be there for his LGBTQ fans and all of his fans no matter what in the sweetest way.

So here's what went down: one fan named Britt took to her Instagram to share a rather upsetting encounter she had at the Ryman Auditorium as she prepared to walk in and see Harry perform. Apparently, security confiscated the rainbow pride flag she brought with her to the show and if you know Harry, then you know he's all about having the Pride flag on display during his shows but despite what security told this fan, the "Sign of the Times" singer made it clear he wants all of his fans to feel welcome, no matter what.

"For those of you who are curious about what happened: I was going through security and I had my flag in my bag. There was a man there and he pulled it out and shook his head. 'No flags. This is just a friendly confiscation.' He didn’t give me any reasoning what so ever. That was literally /my/ f—g pride. It made me upset. He then proceeded to throw it under the table as if it meant nothing. I have three witnesses. So I go in and there’s at least 12 other people that are just freely wearing their flags?? I was so lost and honestly hurt. That flag meant everything to me and I had it hung up on the wall forever. It was a part of me. And then the legend that is Harry styles came out with it at the end and starting talking and said 'I heard this was removed, so I brought it back.' He brought out my f—g flag. He wasn’t having any of the ryman’s bulls—t. I’m so damn proud of you @harrystyles. I’m so proud to be a fan of someone like you. Thank you for tonight. It’s a moment I will never forget. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you to his band who absolutely smashed it and thank you to muna and cam who gave outstanding performances!" she wrote.

And yes, Harry made sure the flag was on full display up on stage with him.

This is truly amazing. While it's unclear if the flag Harry brought out was the actual one that was taken from Britt since he usually has one up on stage with him, it's just nice to know that he's willing to go above and beyond to make his fans know they are welcomes and accepted no matter what. Harry is a trailblazer and seeing him be there for those who love and support him the most is truly speical.

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