Harry Styles is a guy that anyone would seriously love the chance to snag a date with. Seriously, the singer has been a hot commodity since his One Direction days and while he hasn't had many public girlfriends and has kept his romances under wraps for the most part if you're a fan, you most definitely have thought about what it would be like to have Harry as your boyfriend. Or let alone what it's like if he asks you to marry him and you ride off into the sunset living happily ever after together. No, just us? Okay well, humor me for a minute because we here at J-14 like to pride ourselves on our investigative skills and we've uncovered a very important detail about how Harry views his love life.

Now, as you know by now, Hazza has really grown into his own when it comes to his sense of style. harry loves bold suits, a sheer top, and a pair of dazzling boots to name a few of his staple items, and he's known for rocking some jewelry took. From necklaces to hands full of rings, Harry likes to accessorize. Well, it's his carefully selected ring collection that has us thinking: Harry wears tons of rings at the same time except on his left ring finger, aka the one where you wear a wedding band. So he's essentially keeping it wide open for when he has an actual wedding ring to wear. Cue sobs.

niall horan crying

Let's examine the evidence that has led us to this groundbreaking discovery. Harry's hands are on full display during his shows, especially now that he plays the guitar during his concerts and as we can see, every finger (minus the thumbs and pinkies) on both hands has a ring on it, except the left ring finger.

harry styles concert rings

The right hand is very much the gang's all here when it comes to which finger gets a ring on it, as we saw at the Dunkirk premiere.

harry styles rings right hand

And yet on his left hand, that one finger is open. He literally has two rings on his index finger instead of putting it on that third finger, that's how committed he is to this, which was seen when during his Today Show concert.

harry styles rings left hand

SOLID PROOF RIGHT THERE. And this is something he's been doing for a while, basically ever since he adopted this rocker-chic, Harry Styles vibe. Here he is out and about in 2015 with a few rings on his left hand, but you know that finger is open.

harry styles rings 2015

Now while Harry has never spoken about his ring fascination, we're just going to go ahead and put this theory out into the universe. He's simply waiting for the time he decides to get married to decorate that third finger on his left hand. Until then, he is leaving it wide open, reserving the spot for the piece of jewelry his one true love will give him one day. A modern-day Prince Charming that Harry Edward Styles is, I must say.

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