Harry Styles' music video for his latest single "Kiwi" slayed fans' hearts everywhere. Literally features Harry looking cute AF in his typical snazzy suit, adorable kids having a food fight and puppies. Really can't ask for anything more. But it's that first scene when Hazza finally enters the school gym with the most precious little puppy in his arms that just melted our souls if we're being honest here.

harry styles puppy kiwi video

That puppy is straight-up chilling, minding his own business, loving life in Harry's arms. Never been more jealous of a dog than in this moment. As you might already know, this isn't the first time Harry as brought us legit cuteness overload by working with a dog. From photo shoots to simply just hanging out with random dogs he runs into, Harry has a way with our four-legged friends. And well, it makes so many of us simply happy seeing this all go down so we took it upon ourselves to round up all the oh so adorable moments between Harry and dogs from over the years. You're welcome.

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