IN GREAT NEWS THAT WILL HELP SOOTHE YOUR EXISTENTIAL CRISIS — Harry Styles will be returning to The X Factor! Our two favorite things, combined. What great deed did we undertake in a past life to deserve this?!

Simon Cowell hustled Harry to come back, because Hazza = talent = fans watching every night = ratings. Harry, obviously wouldn’t say no because, besides the X Factor being where he started his career, he could potentially meet the next Honey G?

The music mogul is said to be very keen to get Harry Styles to perform on the live shows. A source told The Sun, “Harry could very well be back on the X Factor stage this year. Simon has made it clear he is very keen to have him on in a guest slot. He sees him as a major ratings boost for the show and it’s also a chance for him to publicly show his support for Harry as a solo artist. Meanwhile, Harry is incredibly loyal to his roots and knows the show is a great platform to showcase his material. Discussions are ongoing but things are looking positive.” We’re so excited.

This post was written by Aimee Jakes. It originally appeared on our sister site, heatworld.

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