Harry Styles. It's a name many of us have come to know and love. As a member of One Direction, he stole hearts the moment he flashed that pearly smile, ran his fingers through his luscious locks and sang with the voice of an angel. He's loved by many and loyal af fans need to know everything about him, or at least as much as possible. Enter the one little question that seems to be lingering: what exactly is Harry's real name? We know, seems like a silly question, but it's one that has caused much debate, so we're here to get to the bottom of it.

While recently paying a visit to comedian Chelsea Handler's Netflix series, Chelsea, she asked Harry about his name and called him Harold. Usually, someone named Harold goes by the nickname Harry. But the "Sign of the Times" singer was quick to correct her and let her know his name isn't actually Harold. It's just Harry.

harry styles name

Harry Edward Styles to be exact.

harry styles middle name

OK, so all seems fine and well. Harry himself is flat-out telling us what his actual first and middle name is. And yet, there is still an air of confusion lingering around. See, his 1D bandmates have always called him "Harold" as a pet name of sorts, which you now, they all have silly nicknames for each other so that's understandable. But then Harry decided to proclaim that he IS Harold and it threw us all for a loop.

Plus, there was that time fans allegedly got a hold of Harry's actual birth certificate (it's public record so okay I guess?) and shared it on Twitter, something his mom Anne Twist was so not happy about. Apparently, on this birth certificate, his name was listed as Harold. PLOT TWIST.

harry styles

Now, there isn't any proof of this, since that tweet and any trace of his birth certificate is long gone from the Internet. But why would Harry lie? If his name is actually Harold, then that's totally fine and it seems like he would embrace it, not try to cover it up. He doesn't take himself too seriously and changing his name and being all secretive about it doesn't seem like something the singer would do. So we are still left with…

What is Harry Styles' actual full name?

Well, we're going to choose to believe him — honestly, he could tell us the sky is green and the grass is blue and we would probs believe him because you know, it's Harry — and go with the answer as…

Harry Edward Styles

We rest our case. For now.

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