The inner workings of Harry Styles' heart is something everyone who has a fondness for the One Direction singer turned actor has always wanted to know. Who truly has found their way into Harry's heart, firmly planted there as the one person he will always love? Well, the answer to this burning question has finally been shared with the world, thanks to the one and only Nick Grimshaw and it all comes down to a pair of boots and the dreamboat that is Ryan Gosling.

Harry stopped by BBC Radio 1 to pay a visit to his bud on The Breakfast Show With Nick Grimshaw and that is where Nick challenged Harry to take part in a little game called the Heart Monitor Challenge. Harry's heart was hooked up to a monitor and Nick showed the 'Sign of the Times" singer images to see how Harry's heart rate responds. There were some interesting selections, like the director of Harry's debut movie, Dunkirk, to a not-so-cute pair of purple sneakers he used to wear. But then Nick showed harry a photo of ~shirtless~ Ryan as his character Noah Calhoun from the iconic romance movie, The Notebook, and that's where things got interesting. Harry's heart rate shot up to 80, much to Harry's embarrassment.

harry styles ryan gosling

No one can resist the Gos, that's for sure. Next up, was the one and only Zayn Malik, who you know, quit 1D before the guys ever decided to go on a hiatus. Harry's heart rate stayed very calm and normal and although he didn't spill any tea about his feelings on Zayn, he simply commented that Z's leather jacket without a shirt under it combo would be a bit too hot for him to wear.

harry styles zayn

Nick tried to see if Harry's heart rate would soar when he presented the singer with a pic of the stunning model and actress Camille Rowe, and Harry's heart well, stayed pretty calm. He did explain that he doesn't know her and he's sure "she's a wonderful person," but alas, his heart was pretty low. Like lower than his reaction to seeing his old purple kicks and Ryan. LOL!

harry styles camille rowe

But finally, the true keeper of Harry's heart was revealed to all when Nick flashed a photo of a pair of very specific shoes: Chelsea style boots. They're the exact type of boots Harry has been spotted wearing for years now and frankly, we would love to get a glimpse into his closet to see just how many pairs of boots like this he really owns! But Harry's heart rate skyrocketed to over 100 and when Nick asked him if these boots are the biggest love of his life he adorable replied, "Probably."

harry styles boots reaction

Harry was such a good sport, as he always is when it comes to these somewhat embarrassing games, but he of course made sure he shouted out his disdain for his beloved hairstyle Lou Teasdale and stylist Harry Lambert, who were in the studio too — since Nick admitted he consulted them to help pick out which photos to use during this game. They dished out some of Harry's secrets, knowing which photos would get the best reaction! But there we have it: Harry's heart goes wild for a pair of boots and Ryan Gosling in The Notebook. Same Harry, same.

Check it all out for yourself below:

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