Hayley Kiyoko is forever grateful to Taylor Swift for inviting her as a surprise guest on the Reputation Stadium Tour. Two weeks ago, Taylor invited the singer to join her on stage in Boston when she learned that Hayley was in town while touring with Panic At The Disco. 

Hayley explained in an interview with the Huffington Post, “Our teams were talking – because I originally was going to go and see her show. And then she was just like, “Oh! Would Hayley want to perform ‘Curious’ with me?”

You know, casual!

“I was at a Cuban restaurant just eating plantains – just like ‘doot da doo’ – and my team called me and I was freaking out. And then I met her the day of the show. It was so cool to see the magnitude of her success. It gave me something to focus on and shoot for. Getting a taste of what it’s like for her and for her to share that with me was such a wonderful opportunity.”

hayley kiyoko taylor swift reputation


Hayley went on to share why it meant so much to her represent the LGBTQ community on Taylor’s tour.

“It was beyond [Taylor] just bringing me out [on stage], it was saying to the community, ‘Hey! She’s dope. She likes girls and I don’t care ― and we’re allies.’ And I think for her demographic and for what she does, that was a very important moment. That’s why I feel like that was just a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity,” Haley said.

In fact, Taylor actually previously came to Hayley’s support on social media back in March. It all started when Hayley called out the double standard she faced from music executives who told her all of her music videos were involving girls as love interests.

Hayley explained, “A lot of times, the way lesbians are portrayed ends up being something created for the male eye. So that’s why I was saying this isn’t something I’m doing to be sexy ― this is who I am.”

Girls supporting girls at all times, no matter what. That’s how it should be!

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