Warning: Spoilers ahead! Netflix’s fresh teen K-drama, Hierarchy, was originally intended as a limited series. Yet, with a jaw-dropping post-credit scene that left fans on the edge of their seats, the demand for more is skyrocketing faster than you can say “binge-watch.” Keep reading for details on a potential season 2, *that* ending and more.

‘Hierarchy’ Season 1 Ending Explained

Set within the fictional Jooshin High School, a prestigious institution catering to South Korea’s elite, Hierarchy begins with the arrival of scholarship student named Kang Ha. Disrupting the status quo, he delves into the mystery surrounding his brother’s untimely demise the year prior, challenging the established social hierarchy of the school.

Through his investigation, he discovers that his brother In-Han was the victim of relentless bullying, which Ri-An was the instigator of. While he had nothing to do with In-Han’s murder, Ri-An ultimately accepts accountability for his actions and the role he played in Kang Ha’s brother being bullied.

Instead, we find out that on the day of his death, In-Han was severely beaten by bullies and in his attempts to run away, he witnesses a teacher, Ji Soo, and her student Woo-Jin making out in the corridor. Ji Soo attempts to chase In-Han in a panic after being caught, which results in her using Woo-Jin’s family car and accidentally running him over. She could have saved him, but instead decides to leave him to die and takes his phone and camera pen in the process.

Woo-Jin decides to finally hand over the phone and camera to the police, which have all of the events from the night recorded — and Ji Soo is finally arrested for the murder.

As the season draws to a close, Kang Ha and Jae-I’s actions had completely overturned the social hierarchy at Jooshin High School. Their peers, Ri-An, He-Ra, and Woo-Jin, all returned to school with a newfound determination to improve themselves. Additionally, the school welcomed a new principal following Principal Park’s resignation due to her role in a cover-up scandal.

Kang Ha realizes his love for Jae-I, who acknowledges her feelings for him but opts not to pursue a relationship for now. Her troubled past and family conflicts stand in the way of committing to anything more (for now).

The show ends on quite a cliff-hanger, though, as a post-credits scene sets up the story for another season! After a student is murdered in the middle of the day, Kim Ri-An receives an ominous and anonymous message: “You look shaken up, Kim Ri-an.”


Will There Be a ‘Hierarchy’ Season 2?

It’s unclear if the show will receive a second season, as Hierarchy was originally ordered as a “limited series.” Which means that Netflix initially gave the green light for only one season.

However, with the show ending on a cliffhanger, the show’s popularity and Netflix’s tendency to order second seasons for K-dramas, anything is possible!

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