Remember when Hilary Duff was the queen of Disney Channel? The Lizzie McGuire actress has spoken up multiple times about her time on the network. Keep reading to see all the times she has opened up about her time as the Disney reigning queen.

Hilary hilariously opened up about what it was like to film those old-school Disney Channel commercials involving the magic Mickey Mouse silhouette in an interview with Pop Sugar in 2017.

“You know they put in all the animation in later so you’re just having to imagine it’s real,” she explained of the filming process. “And you do it ​one hundred times and a million different ways. And all of us were like kids working adult hours so I’m sure we were kind of fed up. They’re like ‘And be happy!” and you’re like, ‘Hey, it’s the Disney Channel!'”

Thankfully, the former child star actually had some experience that helped. “You know what? I did this straight-to-video movie called Casper Meets Wendy that was my very first job,” Hilary shared.  “I had to do the whole movie to nobody. To a ghost that was all put in in post later. So I got pretty good at talking to myself.”

Additionally, in an interview with Bustle from January 2022, the How I Met Your Father actress shared her experience playing the titular role on the hit Disney Channel show and how it continues to shape the way the world perceives her to this day.

“I was too young to do a character dive on Lizzie,” she explained. “I think I was just playing myself. And I really related to that girl. She was me, and I was her, and that was that.”

However, she explained that as she got older and developed her own interests, she started to get worn down on being constantly compared to her teenaged girl persona.

“I was like, ‘I’m me! I’m Hilary, not that person. That’s a made-up person,'” she said. “It was a desire to be seen as a person outside of a character. By the time I was 18, I was like, ‘If I hear that name [Lizzie McGuire] one more time!'”

Scroll through the gallery below to see all of the times that Hilary has opened up about her time on Disney Channel.

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