Gotham Knights will be making its cable television debut on The CW on March 24, 2023, and we can hardly wait! Starring Oscar MorganOlivia Rose Keegan, Anna LoreRahart Adams, Fallon Smythe and Tyler DiChiara, keep reading for the cast’s ages IRL.

The official plot synopsis of Gotham Knights reads as follows: “Bruce Wayne is murdered and his adopted son forges an alliance with the children of Batman’s enemies. As the city becomes more dangerous, these mismatched fugitives will become its next generation of saviors, known as the Gotham Knights.”

You probably recognize Olivia, who will play a character named Duela in Gotham Knights, for her role as Lily in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, as well as her work in projects such as Days of Our Lives, Amnesiac and Christmas on Salvation Street. On top of that, she appears in two episodes of Amazon Prime’s newest hit show, Daisy Jones & The Six, as a character named Caroline.

“I started with musical theater when I was about seven,” Olivia told the Pop Culturalist in 2021 about the beginning of her acting career. “It’s so interesting and ironic because I feel like everyone else in the High School Musical cast is much more eligible to talk about musical theater. They have much better knowledge of musical theater than I do. But I started with musical theater, and then three years later (and many, many plays later), I woke up one day and—I don’t know what possessed me—I decided that I wanted to pursue on-camera acting.”

The HSMTMTS actress explained that she actually found her agent on the internet by herself, who then started sending her out for acting gigs in Los Angeles.

“I’m very lucky that I got into this industry at a young age,” the Gotham Knights actress told the outlet. “When you’re young, you go after what you want head first, uninhibited by social constructs. There’s no fear of judgment. It was very brave of me. I always question if I would have the courage to do it if I was starting now.”

Scroll through the gallery below to uncover the cast of Gotham Knights’ ages IRL.

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