Embarrassing moments pretty much seem like the end of the actual world when it happens, but take it from Baby Ariel – they turn into quite hilarious stories once the humiliation has some time to subside. The musical.ly star recently took to Twitter, thinking back on one of her most embarrassing experiences involving… er, lady business, if you will.

It was that time of the month when Ariel tried using a tampon for the very first time — a task any girl who has gotten her period would agree is quite nerve-wracking — when she decided to look up a tutorial on how to do it. Little did she know the video would play through a speaker for all to hear. WE ARE CRINGING FOR YOU, ARIEL. The social media gal tweeted, "i remember the first time i put a tampon in & i looked up a video tutorial & my phone was connected to bluetooth & everyone on tour heard."

baby ariel embarrassing tweet

BLUETOOTH. Her phone was connected to BLUETOOTH. Can you even imagine? But wait – that's not all. YouTuber Weston Koury posted the video he took while Ariel was in the bathroom and the tutorial was playing aloud. Her response was only appropriate. She replied, "AAAAH OH MY GOSH."

baby ariel tweet

And the award for being the most open about menstruation ever goes to… Baby Ariel. Props to Ariel for looking back on this truly stressful experience with humor – because honestly, there's nothing to be ashamed of. It's just one of those moments you gotta laugh off. Not everyone likes their business announced for all to hear, but she turned this into such a funny experience.

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