Warning: Spoilers ahead. Will they or won’t they? High School Musical: The Musical: The Series fans are itching for Ricky and Gina — played by Joshua Bassett and Sofia Wylie — to admit their feelings for each other, however, she’s with E.J. (Matt Cornett) now.

When discussing romance between Gina and E.J., HSMTMTS creator Tim Federle explained that “the actors themselves have such chemistry with each other and are such close friends,” during a July 2021 interview with Entertainment Tonight.

“Gina obviously pines for Ricky and has unrequited feelings for somebody who is maybe not yet ready to show it back because he’s still clinging to the past with Nini,” Tim explained. “I think for E.J., who went on such a season of self-discovery when he got rejected from [Duke and later accepted] and realized, ‘Oh, maybe life is not going to go exactly as I planned.’ I think he really opened himself up to the strength and bravery that Gina has that he hasn’t seen in other people. They were just really fun to write for. And I think as actors, they embraced it, and it was fun to watch come together.”

But where do things stand with Ricky and Gina now that she’s with E.J.?

“It’s an interesting thing in high school, how relationships flourish and then fall away,” Joshua teased to Entertainment Tonight in July 2022 of the love triangle between the three characters. “It ebbs and flows, and I think that sometimes romances do die and there’s always that lingering thing around. So, whether it’s spoken or unspoken, I think obviously there’s still unresolved things amongst the whole cast. But it is interesting to see a bunch of those kids all in one spot at summer camp. Who knows what will happen?”

For Sofia, she keeps quiet about the character ships and lets the fans take the floor.

“I think the fans of the show have that passion for it and so just letting them have their own opinions and their own wants, I think is best, because when we personally, as actors, get attached to certain things then that changes certain biases and motives and how we will act with our characters and as our characters,” the actress explained to ET. “So, I try to stay out of it personally, but I’m just excited for what comes, and I think the fans would be really happy with the outcome.”

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