Queen Hwasa is back! The K-pop idol released her single “I Love My Body” in September 2023, and we’re already obsessed with it. This will also serve as the singer’s first comeback since switching music companies. Keep reading for details on her single, lyric breakdown, if she’s still in MAMAMOO and more!

What Is Hwasa’s Single ‘I Love My Body’ About?

Hwasa’s single “I Love My Body” is set to drop on Wednesday, September 6, along with a music video. We can expect that the lyrics and meaning behind the song will be uplifting and become a body positivity anthem!

ICYMI, Hwasa debuted with the rest of the MAMAMOO members in 2014, which include bandmates SolarMoonbyul and Wheein. Throughout her time in the spotlight, she has become known as one of the strongest vocalists in the K-pop, and also her dedication to speaking out with problems in the K-pop industry, such as its strict beauty standards.

During a MAMAMOO concert from 2018, Hwasa told a heartbreaking story about an audition she once attended before debuting with the group. While the casting agents were impressed by her musical and singing abilities, they ultimately turned her down.

“If I am not pretty by today’s standards, I will become a new and different standard of beauty,” Hwasa explained to the crowd revealing her motto from that day on.

Did Hwasa Leave MAMAMOO?

Hwasa’s 2023 single serves as her first time releasing music under P Nation, the company she signed with in June 2023. Previously, she was signed with RBW, but terminated the contract that same month.

The K-pop idol had been signed to RBW since 2014, when she made her debut as a member of MAMAMOO. In 2021, Hwasa and groupmates Moonbyul and Solar re-signed with the label — until news of Hwasa’s June 2023 departure, making her the second member of the group to leave RBW.

Photo by Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

MAMAMOO bandmate Wheein decided not to renew her contract with the agency in 2021, though she did agree to an “extended agreement” where she would continue to be a part of MAMAMOO until at least December 2023.

Is Hwasa Still a Member of MAMAMOO?

P NATION reassured fans that Hwasa will also continue to be an active member of MAMAMOO into the future in a July 2023 statement, writing, “We plan to fully support Hwasa in her future activities, and we will do our best so she can meet her fans as MAMAMOO.”

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