Season 3 of iCarly is almost here and so is the drama that is Creddie! ICYMI, the Paramount+ series has been teasing the romance between Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) and Freddie (Nathan Kress) since the reboot first premiered, which Nathan called a “long time coming” during an exclusive interview with J-14!

Keep reading for our interview with the cast of iCarly and how they feel about the ultimate ship that is Creddie.

Nathan Kress on #Creddie: ‘It’s Right on Time’

iCarly’s Carly and Freddie are the ultimate will they/won’t they. So, after the trailer for season 3 of the Paramount+ premiered, teasing *lots* of Creddie drama, fans immediately theorized that the upcoming season would finally be where Creddie happens.

After J-14 asked the iCarly cast if it’s too late for Creddie, Nathan said the romance is “right on time.” As for Laci Mosley, who plays Harper, she explained that she “loves mess” — so either way works for her!

“I feel like it’s been a long time coming. I mean, it could happen, it could not. I don’t really know,” Nathan teased.

“It will be messy. I can definitely say that,” he continued. “That’s true. Obviously, it’s been such a long time coming and we can’t leave the fans hanging for too much longer. We gotta answer the question. It has to happen.”

What Would ‘iCarly’ Character Sam Think of Creddie?

The Paramount+ reboot doesn’t include Sam, an iCarly character who was played by Jennette McCurdy in the original Nickelodeon series. ICYMI, Sam and Freddie’s characters date for a while in the OG show, and J-14 *had* to ask if the iCarly cast how Sam would potentially feel about Creddie.

“I don’t think that she would mind it,” Nathan revealed. “I think that as long as she can keep doing her obliterate thing, and it doesn’t cramp her style in any way, she’ll just keep on living her life.”

He added, “I feel like it, she definitely would’ve said like, ‘Look, if it makes you happy, go for it.’ I’m sure a lot of people would probably disagree with me on that, because a lot of people like to disagree on that … But I like to think that Sam would be happy and supportive after all this time if we’re still together in each other’s orbit and we’re still best friends. Come on now.”

The first episode of season 3 of iCarly premieres on June 1, 2023 on Paramount+.

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