Is boygenius over already? The indie-rock band that includes Phoebe Bridgers, Julien Baker and Lucy Dacus formed boygenius in 2018, before dropping their debut album, The Record, in 2023. Prior to winning not one, not two, but three Grammys at the 2024 award ceremony, the band may have hinted at a hiatus.

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Is Boygenius Breaking Up?

It appears boygenius will be taking a hiatus for the foreseeable future, the group revealed during a small acoustic show in downtown Los Angeles on February 1, 2024. During the shows, they said, “We’re going away for the foreseeable future.”

“This is our last show, and we’re feeling it,” Lucy told the crowd at the Smell, later noting that the closer “Not Strong Enough” would be their last song. Julie then corrected, “Not ever.”

After fans understandably reacted sadly to the news on social media, the trio eased some worries while attending the 2024 Grammys a few days later, where they were nominated for six awards and ultimately won three.

“It’s not like a hiatus from, like, hanging out, we’re allowed to make music together it just won’t be like a whole commercial endeavor,” Julian said of the hiatus during an interview with CBS at the 2024 Grammys,” with Lucy adding, “We knew it would be done today, two years ago, uou know? It’s just I guess, news for everybody else.”

Phoebe revealed that the band wanted to “devote a year to each other,” before taking their hiatus, referring to the Grammys as their “last day of work.”

“But it’s nice because its not like a weird hype machine of ‘What’s next? What’s next?'” Julian continued. “It’s like, we just get to enjoy it and be present. We’re like, ‘We made it. It is what it is.’ We can celebrate it without, like, clocking aspirations in the back, it’s really nice. I’m proud of it.”

Who Are Boygenius?

Formed in 2018 after releasing their self-titled debut album, the trio aren’t just collaborators, but they’re also super close friends IRL.

There is no frontwoman of boygenius, and everyone is encouraged to suggest or veto ideas. “Lifting each other up [is] how we create,” Phoebe told Rolling Stone in January 2023. “We all get to be the lead. We all get the high of each other being in the front, which is so sick and has been the ethos of this band since day one.”

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