We've heard some crazy rumors about the One Direction boys over the years, but there's one about Louis Tomlinson that seems to have stuck around, leaving us to ask, uh, is Louis Tomlinson married? Just to be clear, as far as we know, he isn't. But there have been enough rumors of engagements and talk of weddings with various exes and girlfriends over the years that we can understand why some fans might get confused. It certainly didn't help when the singer joked on a Vegas trip that he was going to sneak away and get hitched. But other fans aren't confused about the 1D star's marital status at all. Actually, some of them are pretty convinced that Tommo did secretly tie the not. We took a look at the conspiracy theory, and we're breaking it all down.

The Suspects: Eleanor Calder

Eleanor Calder is the OG 1D girlfriend. And, back before their breakup in 2015, there was a lot of talk about whether Louis and Eleanor would tie the knot. Since getting back together, Louis's written songs about Eleanor and their relationship — and even got a tattoo for her. So a wedding wouldn't exactly be out of left-field. And a secret wedding would be even more their style with how low-key they've been keeping their relationship since getting back together.

The Suspects: Danielle Campbell

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Danielle Campbell was the girlfriend that was there for Louis during the birth of his son, baby Freddie, and the death of his mom, Johannah Deakin. So it stands to reason that, since these two went through some serious stuff, they had a pretty serious relationship. In fact, just last year there were reports that the couple was planning a wedding and hiding a secret engagement. Though they did break up, there's some room for speculation that they might've followed through with plans to say "I do" before calling it quits.

The Suspects: Harry Styles

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It doesn't matter how many times Louis and Harry Styles deny the Larry rumors — hardcore stans will always stand by their ship. And while Louis himself, Liam Payne, and other band members have repeatedly said that Larry isn't real, if it were, it would be the longest-standing of any of Tommo's relationships. And it's clear that there is definitely love between the bandmates. "I have forever had a very, very high level of respect for Harry," the singer shared with The Sun. But as for romantic love, well: "I think it's one of these things that people just love to buy into but in reality, obviously, there's no truth to [Larry]."

The Conspiracy: Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson Are Married

So which of these three options is most highly suspected of being Louis' secret spouse? If you guessed Harry, well — ding, ding, ding! Though plenty of people have wondered whether the 1D member ever made things officially official with Eleanor or Danielle, it's Harry and Louis that the conspiracy theorists believe tied the knot. In fact, Larry truthers believe that the couple will actually be celebrating their fourth wedding anniversary soon. According to the theory, the two bandmates pledged their love in a secret ceremony back on September 28, 2013. And it was all sparked by this tweet.

That piece of paper being a marriage certificate, of course — which explains why there would be no legal paper trail for the couple's nuptials. And the theory is further "backed up" by a since-deleted tweet by Ed Sheeran that claimed his best friend was getting married. Though the original tweet is gone, tweets of congratulations from fans still exist.

And then Larry family members started adding fuel to the fire. Harry's mom, Anne Twist, tweeted the next day on the 29th. And her tweet also referenced Louis. You can see how some fans might run with this.

The Theorists: Larry Stylinson Believers

Fans celebrated Larry's alleged anniversaries on social media. In 2015, #2YearsofLarryMarried pretty much took over Twitter. And fans posted all kinds of videos, photos, manipulations, and collages to honor the "couple." And more fans are sure to celebrate in the coming days, since Larry shippers are maybe the most determined fans of all. But when it comes to truth, well, don't bring that into things.

The Truth: A Lack of Proof

The truth is, there's just not a lot to back up this theory. The tweets all together definitely seem suspicious — but they're probably totally unrelated. The only tweet that even mentions a wedding is Ed Sheeran's. Not only was it taken down, but it also could've been about anybody. In fact, it could've been about Jake Gosling and his wife, whose wedding Ed sang at the next weekend. And while it's not always easy to prove the truth, it is easy to create even deeper levels to a conspiracy theory (like the significance of the number 28 to Larry to explain away any supposed "proof" you don't like). So while we can't definitely offer proof that these bandmates aren't married, well, we'll let Louis' words speak for themselves: "[I]t was never anything real, if I can use that word." But hey — now that Louis and Eleanor are back together, we're not ready to rule out the possibility that we still might get a Tomlinson wedding in our future. And though we doubt that Harry will be the groom, he just might be a groomsman — or at least a fan can hope.

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