Nouis is back and better than ever! The bromance between Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan is alive and well. If anyone tries to disagree with us, we’ve got receipts. No, seriously, Louis just completely fangirled over Niall and his new single, “Too Much To Ask” and it’s everything every Directioner has been looking for since One Direction decided to go on hiatus. The boys go back and forth on Twitter, use the “L” word, and Louis even answers a fan’s questions about what his relationship with Nialler is really like.

Watch the video and check out what Louis had to say about his love for Niall!

We’re not crying, you’re crying. These two are seriously everything and it just goes to show that just because One Direction might be down in the dumps at the moment, Louis and Niall’s friendship sure is not. We say Louis was fangirling, but really, it’s so much more than that. He is completely and genuinely happy and supportive of Niall. Louis is excited about Niall’s music and what he’s doing with his career. That’s what a true friend would do, TBH.

Of course, one Twitter user HAD to say something about Louis’ public display of affection. The “Just Hold On” singer had the perfect comeback, too. I mean, of course, he texted Niall before tweeting this. They aren’t fake friends here, come on now. But, Louis wanted to let the world know he was absolutely bugging over the song so that’s why his love made its way to the Internet. Isn’t this what Directioners live for anyways?!

louis text

Too freaking cute. Niall and Louis’ friendship will never lose steam as far as we are concerned.

niall louis

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