Does Luke Newton have a Penelope IRL? Sorry to tell you, ladies, but the actor who plays Colin in Bridgerton may actually taken! Keep reading for details inside the Netflix star’s love life.

Who Is Luke Newton Dating?

Luke, 31, is rumored to be dating a 23-year-old model and dancer named Antonia Roumelioti. They were first seen together in January 2024, after they were spotted in LA on holiday. The pair were then seen sunbathing by Griffith Observatory while on a hike, with a source telling The Mirror, “Luke and Antonia get on really well and are having a great time together.”

“They have not yet gone public as it is still early days, but they have grown very close and of course all their friends and family know. They are thrilled to see them both so happy. And Antonia has been supporting Luke as he deals with the global attention that the latest series has attracted.”

Who Has Luke Newton Dated? See an Exes Guide!

While starring in a Disney UK show titled The Lodge from 2016 to 2017,  he crossed paths with his now ex-girlfriend Sophie Simnett, who also appeared in the series. While neither of them addressed their relationship publicly back then, they were captured in numerous intimate photographs together. The two reportedly called it quits in 2018.

Following that, he reportedly started dating Welsh actress Jade Louise Davies in 2019, and the pair appeared in multiple Instagram pics together over the years, with Luke telling PopSugar in 2021 that Jade had taken him to Amsterdam for Christmas.

He said that she also made him a scrapbook at the time, telling the outlet: “She’s got an amazing memory, much better than mine, so it’s kind of nice to me to look back and go, ‘Oh, that’s what we were doing that day,’ rather than just remembering the photo.”

However, it seems their love story hit a detour. According to a source who spilled the tea to The Sun in March 2023, Luke and Jade called it quits. An insider spilled the beans, saying, “Luke and Jade simply couldn’t sync their schedules to nurture their romance as their lives got busier.”

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