He’s quickly becoming the internet’s biggest heartthrob! Matt Rife has taken TikTok — and comedy clubs everywhere — by storm with his humor and good looks.

“When the TikTok stuff and social media stuff started to blow up, [my audience] was definitely, I’d say, 95% women from 16 to 25, which is a very, very powerful fan base,” he told Elite Daily in June 2023. “And I’m so thankful for it. They’re very online. They’re not always the best stand-up comedy audience members. A lot of the time they like my face a lot more than my jokes, which is fine. It gets them in the door, and then hopefully you keep them with the comedy.”

Keep reading for details on Matt’s dating life and relationship. 

Is Matt Rife Single?

In August 2023, Matt confirmed that he’s no longer a single man. While he’s yet to reveal his girlfriend publicly, it’s been reported by multiple outlets that he’s dating Jessica Lord.

Matt Rife DAting
Gabe Ginsberg/Getty Images

What Has Matt Rife Said About Dating?

Before revealing that he was no longer a single man, Matt said it was hard for him to date.

“I just don’t have time. I’m on the brink of being sick almost every day. Not in a cold kind of way, but just being run-down. I don’t sleep,” he revealed to Elite Daily. “I sleep probably three hours a night, maybe. And then I’ve got basically at least two shows every night, I’d say six days a week at least.”

After performing, Matt said he goes to his hotel to “unwind” before kicking himself into gear and editing for “the next probably hour and a half.”

Before his quick rise to fame, Matt told the side that he “prioritized women a lot when I was younger,” which led to “a lot of healthy and a lot of unhealthy relationships” in his past.

“But both of them are equally time consuming. A healthy relationship, a lot of times you’re so happy that you prioritize it over things that you should be doing professionally,” he told the website. “And sometimes you’re in a toxic relationship where you’re like, ‘Hold on, I can’t do this professional thing because I’m too busy fighting with my partner right now.’”

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