Becoming an overnight sensation! Matt Rife took TikTok by storm — and it’s not just because of his comedy routines.

“It still feels completely unreal, like half of a dream come true and half of a one-off,” Matt told Deadline in August 2023 about his success. “It all feels like we’re going to be back in the back of my apartment complex in like six months, trying to sell 70 tickets, and I think that’s just because of how inconsistent this business is.”

Keep reading for everything to know about Matt. 

Who Is Matt Rife?

The Ohio native was born on September 10, 1995, and got his comedy start self-producing stand-up routines.

“I couldn’t be more different from my stage persona. I’m an incredibly introverted person, which is crazy because my job is literally talking in front of people,” Matt admitted to Esquire in April 2023. There’s a confidence and comfortability that comes with that power onstage, but I think that’s part of the job. I don’t think that’s ego. Because to me, my shows feel like one big hangout and I’m just hosting the party.”

Who Is Matt Rife? The TikTok Comedian's Age, Hometown, Job and More
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Who Is Matt Rife’s Family?

Matt has revealed that his father died by suicide when he was a baby.

“He was 20, I think. It’s weird to think about,” Matt shared on the “Bertcast” podcast in April 2022. “Because I’m 26 now, and when you think about your dad, no matter what state, you think about a grown man. But I’m older than my dad ever was.”

As for his mom, her name is April Rife and she’s often sharing her son’s standup routines. Matt also has three step-sisters who are older and a younger half-sister.

What Is Matt Rife’s Job?

Well, he’s a comedian and a pretty successful one at that (thanks, TikTok). Matt announced his ProbleMATTic World Tour in June 2023 and it sold out almost instantly. However, he’s still insecure about his career choice.

“In entertainment, absolutely no work is guaranteed other than the job you’re doing today. You can get fired. You can lose fans,” he explained to Esquire. “You can get canceled — feel free to put that in the most ridiculous font that you can find. So nothing is guaranteed.”

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