Seulgi is one of the biggest stars in the K-pop world, acting as the main dancer and lead singer in Red Velvet! So, is the iconic Korean artist have a special someone? We broke down her rumored (emphasis on rumored) dating life, why K-pop stars usually don’t discuss their dating lives and more down below.

Keep reading for everything we know.

Who Is Seulgi?

The K-pop star debuted with SM Entertainment’s girl group Red Velvet in 2014, alongside members IreneWendyYeri and Joy. An impressive performer, Seulgi is the main dancer of the group along with being a singer. She was a part of Red Velvet’s first sub-unit, Irene & Seulgi, and the SM Entertainment supergroup Got the Beat (alongside bandmate Wendy).

Seugli was born in Ansan, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea, on February 10, 1994, making her an Aquarius! She has one older brother and attended the School of Performing Arts Seoul while training at SM Entertainment for seven years. Fun fact: Seulgi is bilingual and can speak both Korean and Japanese.

Is Red Velvet’s Seugli Single?

Seulgi is currently single, as she has yet to publicly confirm otherwise. She has been rumored to be dating several celebrities thanks to rumors stirred up by fans, including BTSJimin.

ICYMI, it’s almost unheard of for K-pop stars to date publicly, as intense backlash usually follows. On top of that, some K-pop music companies even have dating “bans” to prohibit their artists from romantic relationships. This has led many fans to “ship” certain idols with one another — without any proof except for a few sidelong glances at Korean music shows.

That being said, there is one member in Red Velvet that is in a public relationship! Joy, Seulgi’s bandmate, confirmed her relationship with South Korean rapper Crush in August 2021.

Crush’s label P NATION and Joy’s label SM Entertainment both confirmed the news, commenting, “They had a senior-junior relationship, but they recently began dating with good feelings toward each other.”

The announcement came one year after Joy and Crush collaborated on a song called “May Day” in May 2020 and also appeared in the music video together.

“Our fans, you must have been very surprised. This is the first time I’m conveying such news so I’m very nervous and [tense],” Crush wrote in a letter to fans after the dating news hit, as translated by Koreaboo. “The number of days where I am smiling has increased due to the positivity and brightness of that person [referring to Joy] and my heart has also become healthier.”

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