IVE is one of the fastest growing K-pop bands right now, and so is the “face of the group,” Jang Wonyoung. ICYMI, the K-pop star won a TV survival program called Produce 48 at just 14 years old, became the center of the group that was created from it, Iz*One, and is often referred to as the most beautiful idol in K-pop’s 4th gen. Keep reading to learn more about Wonyoung.

Who Is Wonyoung?

Wonyoung was born in Seoul, South Korea, on August 31, 2004, making her a Virgo. She competed in Mnet’s girl group survival reality television show Produce 48 in 2018, under Starship Entertainment, alongside future IVE member Yujin. Wonyoung would go on to place first, with Yujin placing fifth, both sucesfully debuting under Iz*One.

Following Iz*One’s dissolution in April 2021, Wonyoung and Yujin went on to debut with IVE a few months later. Wonyoung is known as the “face of the group,” which is a title usually given to the most popular member of the band.

The Korean artist often writes a lot of IVE’s song lyrics, including most of the songs off their 2023 album I’ve IVE. She described her songwriting process during an interview with Billboard in May 2023.

At first, I just listen to the song, just to get the feeling and set my mind right, usually at my home or in my room,” Wonyoung explained. “If I get a certain feeling, I just write the whole song first and then just make little mixes, little changes. I love the process and I really love writing lyrics.”

On top of music, Wonyoung is a global ambassador for multiple fashion brands due to her growing popularity. Some of those include the golf wear brand GOSPHERES, French outdoor fashion brand Eider, contact lens brand Hapa Kristin. She’s also the “muse” for South Korean shoe brand Suecomma Bonnie and South Korean casual fashion brand SJSJ.

ive wonyoung

Who Are IVE?

IVE officially debuted on December 1, 2021 with the single album “ELEVEN,” which immediately became a smash hit overnight. Consisting of members Wonyoung, Yujin, Gaeul, Rei, Liz, and Leeseo, the group’s name is the contraction of the words “I have,” based on the concept of showing what “I have” to the audience with confidence.

“IVE, our music and our overall style, puts emphasis on being confident and bold,” Gaeul explained. “I think that our listeners learn from that, I guess, kind of take in the music and actually apply it to their lives. IVE’s ultimate strength is to influence those kinds of people in a positive way.”

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