Round 1 of J-14's Dream Mistletoe Kiss has come to close. And after many of your votes choosing the actor, singer and web star you would want to meet up with under the mistletoe for a little smooch, we have narrowed down the final three contenders.

Winning the category for the actor you would most like to kiss under the mistletoe is…

Cameron Boyce

With that adorable smile, cute AF freckles, and totally stealing hearts with those ridiculously amazing dancing skills in the Descendants movies, it's easy to see why the 18-year-old cutie is a final contender.

cameron boyce

Winning the category for the singer you would most like to kiss under the mistletoe is…

James Maslow

As a member of Big Time Rush, James has been at the top of many people's celeb crush list for years now. But he's still a fave and he's kept busying filming movies and making music so still a dream bae.

james maslow

And last but not least, winning the category for the web star you would most like to kiss under the mistletoe is…

Cameron Dallas

With 20 million Instagram followers and another 15 million followers on Twitter, it's safe to say he's a king of social media. He's broken into modeling, acting and has been working on music, so he's really done it all at only 23 years old. Makes sense he's one of the final choices in our contest!

cameron dallas

So now that we have the top three dream baes chosen it's time to get voting for the final round. You have from now until Monday, Dec. 18 at 8 pm to vote for Cameron, James, and Cameron as many times as you want. The winner will be announced on Tuesday, Dec. 19. and we'll officially have crowned your dream mistletoe kiss. So time to start voting!

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