Making money from their music! The Big Time Rush boys rose to fame for their music and acting skills after their Nickelodeon show premiered in November 2009. Since then, James MaslowKendall Schmidt, Carlos PenaVega and Logan Henderson have racked up pretty impressive net worths since their careers continued.

After four seasons of the Big Time Rush show and four albums, the group took a hiatus in 2013 to work on their solo careers.

“The band itself is never going to die. Our music’s out there. It’s online. We’ve got four albums,” James told HuffPost at the time. “So it’s not like it just disappears. But in terms of new content, it might be a while, but might not be ever. We don’t know at this point and we’ve all kind of been saying, ‘We’re all really excited and really antsy to be our own individual artists outside the band — and support each other.'”

Despite going their separate ways, the group’s members always stayed in contact. They had individual reunions, which were shared on Instagram, and even teamed up for a virtual concert in 2020 amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. Then, in 2021, James, Kendall, Carlos and Logan announced their long-awaited comeback. Big Time Rush eventually dropped their first single in eight years, “Call It Like I See It,” in December of that year.

“Listen, most bands that get back together, I always hear like, ‘Oh, so and so, they hate each other.’ We’re just excited,” Kendall told People following the song’s release. “[What’s different] from 10 years ago is that we all have grown individually. We all have different strengths. And now I think that we’re much more open to playing off each other’s strengths and it’s really kind of helped our relationship.”

In terms of their comeback, the group has grown up over the years, and Kendall explained that there’s no longer any “ego involved.”

“I think after time has gone by, we’re just like, ‘I don’t care. Just do you, [and] have fun.’ It’s all about the good times. It’s all about low stress. We just want to have fun,” he added. “And the fans, I think when they see that we’ve had our experience building this low stress, I think they’ll see, man, these guys have a great time.”

Now that they’re back and better than ever, how much money have the Big Time Rush boys reportedly made over the years? Scroll through our gallery for a breakdown of their net worths. 

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