Growing up in the public eye! Jack Dylan Grazer became a notable name in Young Hollywood after he starred as Eddie Kaspbrak in the 2017 remake of It. Now, the budding star is continuing his career in the spotlight.

“Being 18 in Hollywood means I can get in trouble for things,” the actor joked to Extra in October 2021, nearly a month after his birthday. “Originally, I was really excited! I’m 18, I can move out, I can do all the adult things. … But I’m kind of scared about moving out and big boy things. Responsibly is my biggest fear in the world.”

Getting more serious, and gushing over his career, Jack continued, “I’m so grateful. I’m so blessed. I have these epiphanies all the time … I have these awakenings all the time where I’m like, wow. I’m here. It’s crazy.”

Other than his horror movie role, Jack kills it as Freddy Freeman in the Shazam! film franchise.

“He hasn’t changed that much, if I’m going to be completely [honest],” the actor told Slash Film in July 2022 about the differences between Freddy in the first and second film. “But you see — I think we get a cleaner glimpse at his internality, his truth, his feelings, his vulnerabilities.”

He added, “There is also that battle with raging hormones and aggression. And maybe there’s some competitiveness between Freddy and Billy (Asher Angel) that is more fleshed out in this. But it doesn’t come from a bad place.”

When it comes to his career, there’s nothing Jack doesn’t love about being an actor.

“I love every bit of it,” NME in July 2021. “Even when I was younger, I didn’t really think of myself as a child actor — I just felt like I was doing the same thing I’ve always been doing, but now I’m getting paid instead of getting in trouble at school for doing it. … I love playing a character and then doing the weird little meticulous things.”

Aside from acting, the Los Angeles native has big musical dreams. Jack explained that music “is everything.”

“Yeah, totally – I wanna be a rock star!” Jack gushed at the time. “It might be easier to play a rock star in a movie though.”

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