It’s no secret that Jack Dylan Grazer has been a part of some major film series over the years. The actor starred as Eddie Kaspbrak in both It films and Freddy Freeman in the Shazam! franchise. Since then, he’s continued to nab roles in various movies and TV series.

“Originally I felt, yeah, kind of suffocated, but what really grounded me was school and the fact that it’s super important to me,” the actor told Hero Magazine in October 2019, referring to his fame. “I plan on going to college and if I start thinking of school as a necessity, like an essential, like brushing my teeth, or taking a shower, then it ’s not as big of a thing. I do my final take on-set and then it’s back to school. I never want to neglect it.”

When it comes to his future, the young star knows exactly what he wants — especially when it comes to his career.

“I first stepped on-stage when I was younger, and knew that was it,” Jack recalled to British GQ in March 2023, revealing how he’s making his own plans for what’s next. “I can’t just sit around all day fantasizing about roles, when I don’t have them. I guess I have a lot of stuff. But I’m also really pushing music. I’m also reading a lot of Shakespeare. I want to learn his monologues off by heart, imagine that! To do a Shakespeare play would be incredible.”

While Jack is known for his role as Freddy Freeman in the Shazam! film franchises, he had to make a major choice in his professional career before playing the part.

“I was supposed to do Euphoria. I was supposed to do that Ashtray on Euphoria. I didn’t do it because I did Shazam, and I’m so glad about that,” Jack revealed on The Zach Sang Show in March 2023, referring to the role which eventually went to Javon Walton. “I’m so glad because he died, or didn’t he die? So I don’t want it. Freddy Freeman will never die! If he dies, dude, I’ll be pissed. If Freddy Freeman dies, then I’ll be like, ‘Should’ve [done] Euphoria,’ and then I’ll regret everything.”

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